How to become a professional coach

Professional Coaching

If you dream of being a professional coach in any field, or be able to shed and influence others or seek to develop your leadership skills, you must be able to have the information, skills, convictions and behaviors offered by the Train the Trainers program. A skillful program aimed at building leadership capacity in the […]

Human resources management is the cornerstone of successful business organizations

Human Resources play an important and major role in development. Investment in it represents the highest elements of investment and the most influential on the other elements of wealth and the efficiency of their employment. The importance of human resources stems from the fact that man is the center of all activity and the source […]

Training courses access to the creativity

Training courses

Training courses are one of the knowledge sciences based on honesty and professionalism. The aim of these courses is to apply them to individuals or institutions in accordance with the latest international standards to maximize their potential, abilities and skills, and to qualify them to compete locally and globally. To choose the best specialized expertise […]