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ATC Consulting & Training was established in Dubai as an inevitable result of the accumulation of expertise andknowledge in the field of training and consultation. We contribute our services in providing consultation, training , supporting a group of Arab institutions and consultation from our experts. 

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مدرّب معتمد
متدرب ومتدربة
دورة تدريبية منجزة
تقييم إيجابي

Message from our Director

Mr. Waheed Hasan


Since 2004, we have provided consulting and training services to many institutions and companies in several countries including: United Arab Emirates – Sudan – Libya – Yemen – Syria – Sultanate of Oman – Turkey – Spain – Britain – Egypt

ATC Consulting & Training has been operating since 2004 in a number of Arab countries and has continued its activities in the United Arab Emirates since 2013. Its activities span twelve years of training and consultancy, including in the Middle East and Europe

Training development is the responsibility of the institutions primarily through their departments, cadres, plans and achievements, and because the UAE occupies a leading position through the high performance provided by its government. We are aware of the need to provide quality training to meet these renewed training needs for individuals and institutions. The second part aims to develop the skills of work and raise the level of performance in the administrative, financial, professional and technical fields, taking into account that our training are professionally carried out.

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